Will PlayStation 5 use Deep Learning to adjust the difficulty of the games?


In a long video, YouTuber Skullzi comments on some mysterious patents of Sony related to technology Deep Learning and probably filed to be used on PlayStation 5 .

The technology Deep Learning apparently would memorize the behavior of the players to modify the experience based on their abilities, thus adapting the difficulty of the games or even not proposing tutorials to particularly expert players, modifying therefore the global experience based on the users' abilities.

The patent also speaks of a customizable and adaptive interface, even in this case capable of adapting autonomously to the use of individual players, perhaps always offering the most applications in view used with the aim of increasing the level of the User Experience

At the moment, obviously, it is only a matter of speculation ion and although the patent has actually been filed, its use on PlayStation 5 is not absolutely certain. Sony is also looking for engineers with experience in the use of Ray Tracing. PS5 could support 360 Reality Audio technology to improve the sound quality and the audio compartment of the console.