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Will we ever see From Software on Multiplayer Titles? The commentary by Miyazaki

From Software is known within the Videogame Community as a creator of highly challenging experiences, in which the single-player component is crucial. But what do the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne of the Battle Royale and the ever-evolving Multiplayer Titles think?

The British newspaper The Telegraph who questioned Hidetaka Miyazaki President of the Japanese Software House. Commenting on the success of the genre Battle Royale, among whose main exponents we can remember Fortnite and the more recent Apex Legends, and Titles with multiplayer system characterized by a long-term post-launch support such as Destiny or Anthem, the Telegraph wondered if we could ever see From Software engaged in a project of this kind

The answer given by Miyazaki is certainly interesting: " These are definitely games funny and we are interested in the schemes they are adopting: if we did, it would be a little different ! But we are certainly interested and there is certainly the possibility in the future.We would like to make an attempt with them one day ". Declarations certainly interesting, that do not close the door to a possible future in which FromSoftware could try to take, in its own way, the path of a title voted Multiplayer. Would you like to see the Software House one day try to make a contribution to the genre?

Currently, From Software is preparing for the publication of Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice expected on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One starting March 22nd.

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