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Will Xbox Scarlett have a physics management engine?

YouTuber and insider Skullzi published a video to discuss a new patent filed by Microsoft apparently linked to a physics management engine that could be part of the Xbox Scarlett hardware equipment. [19659002] The situation appears rather confusing at the moment, the patent filed by Microsoft is not immediately understandable but it seems that it refers to a possible engine dedicated exclusively to the management and processing of physics, so as to probably lighten the workload of the CPU as far as regards this aspect.

Nothing has been confirmed at the moment, we remind you that Skullzi has also found a patent relating to the new interface of PlayStation 5, which could be adapted to the use of the owner, and the same is true for the level of difficulty of the games, automatically adjustable based on the player's abilities.

In all cases, this is for now s of patents that are not necessarily intended for use on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett . According to the most recent rumors, the presentations of both hardware are planned for 2019 with release in 2020, Microsoft could unveil its Next-Gen console at E3 in June while Sony should hold a special event in late spring. We will undoubtedly know more about it in the coming weeks …

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