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Windjammers 2 shows itself in a first gameplay video

Announced last year with a bizarre and fun cinematic trailer, it had been a while since news of Windjammers 2, sequel to the famous original 1994 arcade title that mixes special actions and moves of various kinds with the typical gameplay of the ' air-hockey from arcade room.

In the past few hours, however, a new trailer has arrived that shows the actual gameplay of the game, as specified by the developers themselves in the video. The movie shows the characters of Wessel and Mita already veterans of the series, and the new ones Max and Grace which reveal some of the new skills they will put into action on the pitch: between jumps, dunks and special shots, the videogame seems to make available to the players a vast set of skills.

The game turns out to be rather fluid and the handmade drawings and the graphic style in general are very appealing. Windjammers was released for the first time in the now distant 1994 on Neo Geo and it was then spread also to other platforms including the Virtual Console of Wii, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, while the second chapter of the saga will represent his absolute debut on PC. At the moment Windjammers 2 is still without a release date, but will be available by the end of the year .

What do you think of the video? The title of Dotemu ?

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