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Would Microsoft be ready to acquire 3 other development studies?

Microsoft could be interested in expanding its team, with the acquisition of some new studies. This is what emerges from some rumors of the last hours, according to which the company would be in talks with three companies, after having sent a letter of intent in this regard.

The three studies would be Asobo, Relic and IO Interactive so we talk about three names also quite important. Already in the past there had been rumors of a possible acquisition of Relic by Microsoft for which the new rumors would only confirm the interest of the Redmond giant towards the company.

L company on the other hand is not new to such moves, given that only last year Microsoft acquired five studios, putting names such as Playground Games and Ninja Theory under its wing.

As for the timing, they could also be quite short, since Microsoft's plans would be to formalize purchases before E3 2019 which will start in about two months.

Obviously we recommend taking everything with pliers, since it is rumor and therefore not confirmed information. In the meantime, waiting for any confirmation or denial, tell us yours: what do you think of a hypothetical acquisition by Microsoft of these studies? Would it be a right move for both parties?

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