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Xbox E3 2019: what to expect from Microsoft? A summary of all rumors

Sony's non-attendance at E3 2019 and the growing anticipation for the official presentation of next-gen consoles are helping to fuel the hopes related to the announcements that Microsoft will make in course of the next, highly anticipated Californian videogame kermesse. What can we expect, then?

Although there is still three months left until the opening of the most important videogame fair in the world that will take place from 11 to 13 June at the Convention Center of Los Angeles on the web already circulating many rumors related to the Redmond house and its plans for the show

Based on the statements of the CEO Satya Nadella and the boss of the Xbox division Phil Spencer the rumors involving the US technology giant invite us to look at Microsoft's E3 conference as the ideal media stage for the announcement of Xbox Scarlett and its launch titles, as Halo Infinite, Assassin's Creed Legion, The Avengers Project and Cyberpunk 2077.

To listen to the rumors of the last days, moreover, during the Eve 2019 the high spheres of Microsoft do they would unveil the launch date of the Project xCloud game streaming service and, consequently, the arrival on smart TV, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile systems and, why not, PlayStation 4 of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

about the next-gen, several insiders claim to have already come into possession of the hardware specifications of Xbox Scarlett in the dual configuration Lockhart (a model without an optical drive like Xbox Maverick) and Anaconda ( designed to cover the enthusiast market segment currently occupied by the Xbox One X).

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Among the announcements that Phil Spencer will make during the E3 to illustrate the company's plans and the medium to long-term vision of its executives could also be confirmation of the acquisition of new development companies to be included in the galaxy of Xbox Game Studios : in this regard, the clues lead to companies known as Relic Entertainmen t, Supermassive Games Ready at Dawn Quantic Dream or Hello Games .

And you, what do you expect from Microsoft for the E3 2019? Use the comment board to share your opinion with other readers of Everyeye.it.

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