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Xbox Maverick: Xbox One S without optical reader coming in spring?

In recent months, the rumor related to projects under development in the home Microsoft were numerous. Among these, some rumors seemed to indicate the Company as engaged in the creation of four different hardware.

Among these, in addition to two presumed versions of next-gen console, codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart, both belonging to the generic wording Xbox Scarlett, a further project appeared. Indicated by the rumors with the codename Maverick, the latter should represent a new version of Xbox One S without a disc player and whose marketing would be expected during spring of 2019 .

To throw new fuel on the fire now come some statements from the Windows Central Portal. The latter in fact reports that he has come to know some details about the project, thanks to some own sources . According to the latter, the alleged Xbox Maverick would exist under the official name of "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition" . The opening of the pre-orders of the latter would be expected for the middle of April and its commercialization could even begin already in the month of May 2019

Microsoft has so far never confirmed the existence of Xbox Maverick or other hardware corresponding to the characteristics described. As usual, therefore, we invite you to consider what was reported as rumor to be interpreted therefore with due caution.

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