Xbox One: Microsoft introduces the news of the


The editors of the "official website" of Xbox Wire open a window on the improvements, interventions and innovations that will characterize the spring update of the system software of Xbox One and Xbox One X.

The next update of the dashboard Microsoft's current-gen consoles, as happened in the past, will first involve the subscribers to the Xbox Insider program, and then land on all Xbox One systems.

The news that awaits us with the next update will be many and will help improve the "quality of life" of the Xbox One users. Among the changes and improvements designed by Microsoft, we will find the very popular introduction of the button Restart Console in the screen displayed by pressing for 5 seconds the central button of the controller. But not only that.

In addition to the function of Restart, there will be an improved management of the Missions Xbox Game Pass to facilitate the obtaining of Microsoft Points for service subscribers, but also a review of the system messaging, the presence of different screen suggestions to optimize the storage space on your hard disk (and on the eventual external discs).

Always with a view to improving the "quality of life" of the Xbox One users Xbox One X there will then be the introduction of a new keyboard more responsive than the current one and the small size to make it easier to consult the different cards.

The phase in "early access" has been exceeded aimed at subscribers to the Xbox Insider program, the spring update of the Xbox One system software should be available during next weeks .

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