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Xbox One: Microsoft unveils the news of the May firmware update

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb and the editors of the institutional site of Xbox Wire illustrate in detail all the improvements, optimizations and additions planned with the Xbox One firmware update (and Xbox One X) scheduled for arrival in the course of May.

The next update of the Xbox One dashboard will bring several improvements to Microsoft's green console: among the innovations delineated by Major Nelson we mention the revision of management of the friends list the reformulation of message board and a smoother use of games and apps cataloged in the Folders.

The Xbox One May firmware will introduce a feature that will show us what our friends: the unique icons of Xbox One, PC and mobile devices will display the platform on which they are playing. As for the changes to the messaging system, the new update will take care to divide the Message Requests to give priority to the messages of the friends and put the communications coming from unknown accounts into the background.

Depending on this important change, unfortunately all the messages of the previous groups will be lost in the transition and will require a manual action to be archived: this operation can be performed for a limited period of time either through the pages of Xbox.com that through its own console.

Again thanks to the new firmware it will finally be possible to search more easily the contents present in the My Games and App folders: as an example, the search for games like " The Witcher "can happen simply by selecting" W "instead of" T ". For all the other news on Xbox One, we advise you to follow with us the live broadcast of the Microsoft E3 2019 conference that will start at at 10:00 pm on June 9th . During the event will be announced the much talked about next-gen console known to date with the code name of Xbox Scarlett?

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