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Xbox One: mini virtual keyboard and restart in the new update

Microsoft has just unveiled all the details on the system update of April 2019 for all the models of Xbox One, which will land on consoles today.

Updating the firmware of the Microsoft console you will have access to a series of additional features among which we also find:

  • Possibility to access the progress of the Xbox Game Pass Quest directly from the dashboard
  • Presence of a virtual keyboard with dimensions reduced that will allow you to communicate more easily with your friends and to enter redeem codes faster
  • Added the "Restart Console" item in the menu that is activated by holding down the central button of the Xbox controller, so as to reboot quickly the console
  • When you try to install a game without having enough storage memory available, the system will take you to your l hybrid to immediately decide which game to eliminate to free up space
  • Owners of Xbox Media Remote can now reprogram the OneGuide button to allow them to launch another multimedia application instead of OneGuide

We remind you that this update is not the the only novelty from Microsoft in the last few hours, since the much rumored Xbox One S All-Digital was announced yesterday evening, also arriving in Italy. Did you also know that among the titles backward compatible on Xbox One and Xbox One X there are now Ninja Gaiden II and Fable?

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