Xbox Scarlett and PS5 will support Cloud Gaming according to Gaijin Entertainment


The CEO of Gaijin Entertainment (studio responsible for War Thunder ) was interviewed by GamingBolt and on this occasion revealed his expectations on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett declaring " absolutely certain " of the massive support Cloud Gaming for the two next-generation consoles.

"I'm almost certain that Cloud Gaming will be one of the strength of PlayStation 5 and Xbox One ", these are the words of Anton Yudintsev which continues:" in this case we will probably see cheaper consoles, able to reach new segments of consumers, and they are without doubt of something absolutely positive "

" We already have the 4K / 30 fps on console thanks to Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 PRO so I expect that with PS5 and Scarlett we go further. retail is going through a time no It's easy, probably the future is in digital distribution and obviously in Cloud Gaming. "

What do you think of these words? Do you agree with the vision of Anton Yudintsev ? Recall that according to the latest rumors Microsoft would be developing two versions of Xbox Scarlett (codenamed Lockhart and Anaconda) with the first expressly dedicated to cloud games, digital and streaming.